Welcome to Kadidiri Paradise - Diving resort

"Great diving and lovely people! It was a holiday of my dreams."


We invite you to the tropical island of Kadidiri at the Togian Islands, very close to the most famous dive and snorkeling sites in Sulawesi. All the dive sites are only 10 minutes from the resort. Come here and enjoy the beauty of our paradise island, hammocks, privet verandas and snorkeling... just front off our famous jetty. Not to mention diving in warm crystal clear water!

"The amount of life is incredible. Everywhere you look you will see something beautiful."

Togian Islands are located in central Sulawesi, Indonesia.
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You will experience the unique underwater world of Togians: amazing coral reefs and the unmatched beauty of the Taipi Island. We’ll show you the best secret of Indonesia!
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All of our buildings have been designed of natural materials that blend well into the quiet secluded setting of tropical trees and flowers. We combine local hospitality, island atmosphere, and thrilling adventures to make your vacation a lifelong memory.
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